Another rainy day in Manchester…

On Saturday I completed my Continuation report for my PhD. I quite pleased with it – it could have done with one more draft but since my PC crashed after I’d spent 2 hours making corrections on the previous draft, I could not be ARSED! Anyway, it meant that me and Greg had a whole day together without me doing work – the only problem was it was chucking it down with rain – “it’s like stair-rods” as my Dad would say! Rainy day = Grigson extravaganza. I decided that I’d make a Christmas cake and make some nice stuff to eat. We decided on (#13) Pancakes for the Rich for a naughty lunch and (#14) Leek and Onion Pudding for tea in the evening. Didn’t have time to make the cake. It was nice going through the book choosing what to make – obviously we were restricted with the savories, but the puddings and teatime treats chapters give me a food boner! It is sad, I know; but there is something therapeutic about looking through cookbooks. Or may be it’s just me… I’m really looking forward to making some traditional Christmas fayre. I am gonna be sooooo fat!

2 thoughts on “Another rainy day in Manchester…

  1. Cheers Andy – thanks for the comment. This post was written so long ago I don't remember writing it. I have a back-log of posts at the moment, and will get them typed up soon for more food horns and boners!


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