Neil’s Kitchen Nightmares

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have bought a new kitchen. I foolishly bought it using my current account and have no money until April. Boo! Anyway, I will not go on a massive rant about the never-ending stream of bad luck and terrible customer service I have received from MFI other than to say do not buy a kitchen from there! It is delivered now and I need to start tearing out the old one in stages and replacing it with nice shiny new kitchen bits. I cannot wait to have an oven that actually works properly. I will be posting up pictures as I go. So here’s the first two: the God-awful kitchen as it is now and a small sample of the the giant set of flat-packing I have to do.* Hurrah!

Also, on another note, I will be back in the fray again – it’s Pancake Day tomorrow so I’ll do Grigson’s pancakes and see if they’re better than my Mum’s recipe!

*For some stupid reason Blogger won’t let me put photos on – yet another example of the MFI curse. Damn those bastards!**

**it seems to be working now…

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