#97 Welsh Light Cakes

For breakfast the next day, Charlotte and I wanted something hot and homely and went down the pancake route. I spotted this one as Charlotte is half-Welsh so I thought it befitting. These are great they’re made from a thickish bubbly batter that contains cream of tartare and soured cream – two secret ingredients. They’re served in quite an American fashion – piled up high with slices takes out of them. Get the made – they’re easy, so you get back much more than you put in!

Beat together 6 rounded tablespoons of plain flour, 2 of sugar and 3 of soured cream along with a pinch of salt and 3 eggs until smooth. Next, mix together ½ teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and a rounded tablespoon of cream of tartare with 4 tablespoons of water. Quickly add it to the batter and stir in enough milk or buttermilk to make a batter that’s “not too thick” – a tricky one when you’ve no frame of reference; I think the consistency of thick double cream.

Now heat up a frying pan or griddle and add a little oil. Coat the pan and pour off any excess. Ladle a small amount in the centre of the pan to make small pancakes. Don’t swirl them around like crepes, they should be thick. After a minute or two flip it over and cook for another minute. Pile them up on a plate, spreading each one with butter. Serve in wedges with something nice and sweet – maple syrup or, as we used, golden syrup.

#97 Welsh Light Cakes or Pancakes – 9/10. Officially my favourite pancake. I know you can make crepes with normal average store-cupboard ingredients, but these are something special. Light, fluffy and slightly sour in taste, they went perfectly with the sweet golden syrup. Whenever anyone stays over, these will be made for breakfast every time. Me and Charlotte liked them so much we made seconds! Oink!

7 thoughts on “#97 Welsh Light Cakes

  1. Such a good way to start the day, and a good looking feed as well! The pancakes aren\’t too heavy and the slight tartness from the soured cream (which really is delicate) adds so much to the taste. This was all the joy of \’Pancake Day\’ as a child and then some. These get a 9/10 from me too (I\’d be bold and whack in a perfect 10, but that would leave nothing to aim for next time Neil cooks for me!). Charlotte


  2. Very similar to my current favourite American-style pancakes from the Doubleday Cookbook, but that's a whole different blog idea!Loving the idea of the sour cream, sounds intriguing.


  3. This is still the best pancake in the book so far – and indeed the best British pancake recipe I have. The jury's out as to whether they beat the American pancake….


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