#166 Smoked Salmon

Butters and I went to the Cheshire Smokehouse at the weekend and bought lots of good things: smoked nuts, smoked trout, bacon and – amongst other lovely stuff – smoked salmon. You may be wondering why I’ve left such a simple thing out for so long – it is simply because I don’t like the stuff. It’s one of the problems with this whole plan; what do I do if I don’t like the ingredients? As it happens, I went to Glasgow on a conference earlier in the year and tried some there and it was, unbelievably, okay. So I thought that if I’m to do this I need to try really good salmon, not cheapo crap from a supermarket.

It’s perhaps I little bit of a cop-out citing this as a recipe, but I’m including it anyway. Jane makes a good point about smoked salmon that are worth reiterating and it applies to any food, really: always by the best quality, even if that means you buy less of it; I think that this is particularly applicable to any meat, fish or dairy product.

When you buy your smoked salmon arrange slices on a plate with brown bread and butter and some lemon juice. I added some capers and a little creamed horseradish, otherwise, that’s it. If you have a bought a side of salmon, use the trimmings for scrambled eggs or soufflés.

#166 Smoked Salmon – 7/10. After all these years, it turns out that smoked salmon is nice; I’ve just been eating the rubbish stuff! (Or I have expensive tastes.) It’s a simple concept – salmon, bread, butter and lemon juice, but that is really all you need. What have we learned: buy the best you can afford and do as little as possible to it to get the most out of it. Here endeth the lesson.

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