Number 200 fast approaches…

Well who would’ve ever have thunk that I would still be doing this frankly stupid endeavour and be quickly approaching number 200. I have been pondering what to cook for it – I want to do something very English and/or grand and I think I have chosen something; it may not fit the latter criterior, but it is possibly more English than roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Can you guess what it is? Answers on a postcard….

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read and commented on the blog – I am still flabbergasted than people read it and cook from it. My biggest thanks go to all my poor friends and family that have had t put up with some of these meals, which have been pretty far out of their comfort zone. Everyone has been great sports.

Thanks again, folks!

2 thoughts on “Number 200 fast approaches…

  1. I've yet to receive my invite for this very English meal. I guess this must be because of the postal strike, just in case you were wondering where my RSVP was.


  2. I'm anticipating a stampede of volunteers for the brains in grape & curry sauce, so as a matter of public spirited duty, I'm recusing myself from that one 🙂 Congratulations Neil & don't stop! I love reading it!XX


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