Christmas is Becoming…

Yes I know it is only the beginning of November, but it is time to seriously think about starting to get some of the Christmas fayre ordered or made! I love Christmas, and I love making the cakes and mincemeat and everything. It definitely brings out the best in me.

Today I made the Christmas Cake (recipe here) – a definite Grigson favorite; it’ll be the third year in a row I will have made the one from the book. Around a week before Christmas, I’ll be making the marzipan and royal icing too (recipes here).

Also, later this week, I shall be making the mincemeat for the mince pies. Last year, I made a traditional Mrs Beeton recipe, but I’m going to make the other recipe in English Food this time – orange mincemeat.

After discussion with the family, we have decided to not do a turkey this year. Instead we are going to have roast beef (recipe here), roast pheasant (recipe here) and a Bradenham ham. I ordered that two weeks ago from their website. I am organised!

I shall be adding the recipes as I do them of course. Why not have a crack at one or two yourself? You know you wanna…

Ho ho ho!

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