Happy New Year…

..one and all! It’s been quite a bumped year for the Grigson experiment; thanks to everyone for reading the blog and huge kisses to all those that have tried the recipes. I’m both shocked and stunned at the feedback I’m getting from people. And to think I almost stopped the blog at one point. So thanks, thanks and thanks again Grigsoners.

I was chatting to someone the other day and they asked how it was all going. I told them it was going well and that I’d done my hundredth recipe. “You must be nearly done now?” was the reply. I’ve just had a quick look through the book and there are 456 recipes! Shit man: this is gonna take bloody ages. I’m hitting the ground running this New Year though and need to catch up with you all. I’m trying to really crack on with stuff as really I’ve only cooked the tip of the iceberg (you know what I mean)…

#14 Leek and Onion Pudding

It was a weird one, but Greg and I are running out of veggie recipes.

Start by making a suet pastry as for a steak and kidney pudding (I used veggie suet, natch). Line a 2 ½ pint basin with the dough. Chop a large onion and a couple of leeks. Layer up within with onion, leek, plenty of seasoning, butter and dried sage. Make a lid from pastry and steam for 3 hours. That’s it!

Sounds awful, bland and stodgy doesn’t it? Well, it was great. Surprisingly tasty. We had it with butter beans and onion gravy. Sorry for the rubbish picture – we only realised we hadn’t taken one til we were on second helpings. The video is true excitement, don’t you agree? Deffo a nominee for Best Short at the BAFTAs methinks!

Greg says:
#14 Leek and Onion Pudding – Witness how stupidly excited we are on the video. I didn’t quite accept that you could make pastry out of steam, apparently you can. The pudding is yum, the pastry is really flowery, as opposed to floury, because of the herbs, and the long slow cook just brings out the ordinary flavours of everything in abundance. I would never have the patience to make it myself though, obv. 7/10

#14 Leek and Onion Pudding: 8/10. Lovely crispy herby crust, surprisingly yummy within.