Happy (Belated) New Year!

Hello there. I’ve been away from the blogosphere, or whatever they bloody call it for 4 weeks. I’ve had a lovely trip back to the good-old North of England, where I have managed to put on 9 pounds of weight, see my friends and family and spend some lovely time with Hugh. Oh, I’ve single-handedly pushed back the boundaries of science. I somehow managed to squeeze a few Grigsons whilst I was there and I shall be updating thee over the next few days.

Most of the recipes were ones I had done before – it is great that so many have become part of
my repertoire. Christmas dinner with the family was a meat-overload, doing Roast Turkey, Boned Rolled Sirloin AND Roast Pheasant. This is the first year since I started the blog that I haven’t done the Christmas Cake. I missed it. Next year, I shall!

Anyways, I’m back in Houston now and have made the resolution that I shall do my very best to keep blogging regularly – it’s been up and down since the move. My SMART target is to do one a week now I am back. That’s an achievable target, innit?

Happy New Year…

..one and all! It’s been quite a bumped year for the Grigson experiment; thanks to everyone for reading the blog and huge kisses to all those that have tried the recipes. I’m both shocked and stunned at the feedback I’m getting from people. And to think I almost stopped the blog at one point. So thanks, thanks and thanks again Grigsoners.

I was chatting to someone the other day and they asked how it was all going. I told them it was going well and that I’d done my hundredth recipe. “You must be nearly done now?” was the reply. I’ve just had a quick look through the book and there are 456 recipes! Shit man: this is gonna take bloody ages. I’m hitting the ground running this New Year though and need to catch up with you all. I’m trying to really crack on with stuff as really I’ve only cooked the tip of the iceberg (you know what I mean)…